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Prestige Property on the Northern Beaches: A look at what was and what may be

There’s a lot to like about Duncan Schieb. For a start, when I hit him up for a donation to look after our local medics earlier this week he’d already made one, and physically dropped off 50 meals to our frontliners the week before. I’d been out-charitied and I liked it.

He’s also a father of four and one of those citizens with roots in every corner of the Beaches. “I played AFL for a short while,” I tell him in our first casual chat together. “I help coach the local junior AFL team!” he responds enthusiastically. He continues to rattle off a list of impressive local commitments. ‘How does this guy have any time to sell houses?’ I think to myself when the adage “if you want something done ask a busy person” settles my curiosity.


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